Inakappe Taishō

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Inakappe Taishō
Inakappe Taisho.jpg
Cover art from the DVD release of the series
GenreComedy, sports (judo)
Written byNoboru Kawasaki
Published byShogakukan
MagazineShogakukan no Gakushū Zasshi
Original run1968???
Anime television series
Directed byHiroshi Sasagawa
Music byMasahiko Nakamura
StudioTatsunoko Pro
Original networkFuji TV
Spacetoon Plus (Indonesia) (2013-2015)
NHK World (Japan) (2010)
Cartoon Network (South of Korea) (2006-2012)
Original run 4 October 1970 24 September 1972
Episodes104 (2 segments/episode)[1]
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Inakappe Taishō (いなかっぺ大将, lit. "The Funny Judo Champion") is manga series by Noboru Kawasaki and serialized by Shogakukan in Shogakukan no Gakushū Zasshi. The manga series won the 14th Shogakukan Manga Award. An anime adaptation was created by Tatsunoko Production.[2]
Daizaemon makes a cameo in episode 68 of The Song of Tentomushi, which is also by Kawasaki.


A lively boy named Daizaemon in traditional Japanese clothing comes with various kinds of animals to the capital of Tokyo. He has a funny habit of dancing whenever he hears music. He visits a friend of his late father's to learn judo and makes friends with the young daughter of the judo master Kikuko and the cat Nyanko-sensei. For a little girl, Kikuko has wonderful judo tricks inherited from her father while Nyanko-sensei is able to perform a difficult trick of triple turn in the air. Both of them are worthy instructors for Daizaemon. Although he shows clownish behavior once in a while, he is always popular among people around and grows stout and shrewd to be a future champion.


Nicknamed "Dai-chan," he comes from Aomori and is a country boy. He always wears a hakama and plays judo. He moves to Tokyo after the death of his father. He has good intentions but is often naive.
A cat with a tiger-like appearance who helps Daizaemon.
A beautiful girl who Daizaemon falls in love with at first sight. This is Okamoto's debut role at the age of 16.
A childhood friend of Daizaemon.
Kikuko's father.
Daizaemon's mischievous friend who is from Osaka.
One of Daizaemon's classmates.
The beautiful teacher who tends to the rose garden.


The series was broadcast from October 4, 1970 to September 24, 1972 for 208 15 minute episodes (technically 104). It was rebroadcast in Japan in 2014 and 2015.


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