Inama Nushif

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"Inama Nushif" is a track from the soundtrack to the 2003 Sci Fi Channel mini-series Frank Herbert's Children of Dune. It is sung entirely in the fictional Fremen language[1] by Azam Ali.[2] The lyrics and score were both written by Brian Tyler, who composed the soundtrack for the mini-series.[1]

The track can be heard during the "Cleansing of the House" montage, in which Leto II and Ghanima are born and various loose ends are tied up, removing possible threats to House Atreides and Paul Muad'Dib. Brian Tyler claimed that he pieced the lyrics together from excerpts of the Fremen language that appear throughout the Dune series of novels, and that the title translates as "She is Eternal".[1] However, the lyrics are in fact an adaptation of a Fremen version of one of Paul Atreides's speeches in The Dune Encyclopedia.[1]


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