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 • Chinese 夏南南
Inanam town view.
Inanam town view.
Inanam is located in Borneo Topography
Coordinates: 5°59′0″N 116°08′0″E / 5.98333°N 116.13333°E / 5.98333; 116.13333
Country  Malaysia
State  Sabah

Inanam is a town and sub-district of Kota Kinabalu in Sabah, Malaysia. It is situated 10 kilometres from the city centre.


OKK Majimbun Majangkin is known as one of the key player in Inanam development.[1] During the World War II, Inanam is also the base where the Kinabalu Guerillas led by Albert Kwok actively operating to fight the Japanese.[2]


The town population consists of mainly the Dusun, and the Chinese who operate the shops. Of late however there is a large influx of immigrants both from the southern Philippines and Indonesia. Many of them are illegals and live in squatters.[3][4] A considerable number of them however were controversially naturalised and relocated into low-cost housing settlements provided by the Malaysian government.[5]


Kota Kinabalu City (North) Bus Terminal is located in Inanam which become part of the BRT Kota Kinabalu.[6]


A substantial part of the sub-district near the town centre consists of a light industrial area. Towards the interior, traditional Dusun villages scatter the hill slopes, with fruit orchards and rubber smallholdings.


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Coordinates: 5°59′N 116°08′E / 5.983°N 116.133°E / 5.983; 116.133