Inauguration of Alejandro García Padilla

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The inauguration of Alejandro García Padilla as the 11th Governor of Puerto Rico took place on Wednesday, January 3, 2013 at the Puerto Rico Capitol.[1] The inauguration marked the commencement of the four-year term of Alejandro García Padilla as Governor of Puerto Rico. Chief Justice Federico Hernández Denton administered the oath of office while Kenneth McClintock, outgoing Secretary of State, opened the ceremony until transferring his duties and responsibilities to David Bernier, incoming Secretary of State, who served as the master of ceremonies.[1] It was the first time in the history of Puerto Rico that a governor was actually sworn in public as former governors were sworn in private before their inaugurational ceremony; making their oath of office merely symbolic. It was also the first time in history that five former Governors of Puerto Rico were present in an inauguration. The inauguration was followed by a public concert held at the open areas of the Puerto Rico Convention Center.[2]

Oath of office[edit]



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