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Hazart Inayat Shah Bukhari is a man who came from Sindh, The Calipha of Hazarat Lal Shahbaz Qalandar.

On the order of his "Murshid", he traveled to the Punjab side of the Thal Desert. He came in the "Chaubara" Tehsil District of Layyah "Fateh Pur" Stop. His shrine is now present in Fatepur. He is Majzoob.

He worked for Islam. A lot of Baloch tribes, especially the Lashari, Magassi have much respect for him. He is the famous "Sufi Saint" of the Thal Desert.

During the Urs pak of shah sahab, a lot of Lasharies came throughout the country especially "Multan", "KotAddu", "Layyah", "Bhakkar" and "D.I. Khan".