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Incapacitants @ luff 2010.jpg
Incapacitants performing live at LUFF in 2010
Background information
Also known asインキャパシタンツ
OriginOsaka, Japan
Years active1981 (1981)–present
Associated actsHijokaidan, C.C.C.C.
MembersToshiji Mikawa
Fumio Kosakai

Incapacitants (インキャパシタンツ, Inkyapashitantsu) are a Japanese noise music group formed in 1981. Initially a solo project of Toshiji Mikawa, Fumio Kosakai joined upon the project's relocation to Tokyo. The duo's stated aim is to produce "pure" noise, uninfluenced by musical ideas or even human intention, using primarily feedback, vocals, and various electronics. Kosakai calls this sound "hard noise", as a nod to the jazz subgenre hard bop.[1]


In 1981, Toshiji Mikawa formed Incapacitants in Osaka as a solo project from his other creative endeavours with improv noise group Hijokaidan. As a solo project, Mikawa collaborated with Japanese vocalist and visual artist Yamantaka Eye[2], among others. After relocating to Tokyo, Kosakai, of Japanese noise band C.C.C.C., joined Incapacitants to form the current duo. Kosakai would later join Mikawa and become a regular member of Hijokaidan.

Incapacitants, alongside Hijokaidan, Merzbow, C.C.C.C., Solmania, Hanatarash, the Gerogerigegege, and Masonna, are counted among the more well-known Japanese noise bands formed in the 1980s.

In November 1999, Incapacitants performed their first international concert at Music Unlimited Festival '99 in Wels, Austria.[3]

Many of the group's track titles reference their professions, but because of Mikawa and Kosakai's day jobs as bank employee and government office worker, respectively, the duo have not been able to tour abroad often.

The group also recorded sessions with Vivian Slaughter of Gallhammer.[4]



Year Title Label
1981 Eternal Paralysis Pariah Tapes
1983 Peony Crackers Pariah Tapes
1985 Project Pallo '85 Pariah Tapes
199? Recycled RRRecords
1989 Repo Alchemy
1990 Feedback of N.M.S. Alchemy
1991 Fabrication Alchemy
1993 Quietus Alchemy
1993 Extreme Gospel Nights Vanilla Records
1993 Stupid Is Stupid Sounds for Consciousness Rape
1994 Ad Nauseam Banned Production
1995 As Loud As Possible Zabriskie Point
1995 D.D.D.D. (Destroy Devastating and Disgusting Derivatives) Old Europa Cafe
1995 El Shanbara Therminosis G.R.O.S.S.
1995 Operorue Kubitsuri Tapes
1995 Ministry of Foolishness Pure
1996 The Tongue Chocolate Monk
1996 Asset Without Liability Bulb Records
1996 Cosmic Incapacitants Betley Welcomes Careful Drivers
1996 New Movements in CMPD Alchemy
1997 I, Residuum Less Than Zero
1999 Default Standard Alchemy
1999 Unauthorized Fatal Operation 990130 Or Records
2000 Live Incapacitants Alchemy
2004 Sec End Meatbox Records
2007 73 Alchemy
2008 Burning Orange Pica Disk
2009 Lon Guy Harbinger Sound
2009 Tight Dogma Chase
2012 Mon, Ma? Mon!!! Triangle / Cerosene / Outcry
2012 Zashikiwarashi Effect Ljud & Bild Produktion
2012 Eat! Meat!! Manifesto!!! Rape Art Productions
2017 Survival of the Laziest Alchemy
2018 Zouvneree Alchemy

Compilation albums[edit]

Year Title Label
1994 No Progress (Dedicated to Takuya "Synapse" Sakaguchi) Alchemy

Box sets[edit]

Year Title Label
2006 Pariah Tapes Freak Animal Records
2008 Box Is Stupid Pica Disk
2012 Alchemy Box Is Stupid Youth Inc.


Year Title Label
1995 Alcoholic Speculation Zabriskie Point
1995 Sarin Will Kill Every Bad Aum!!! Dirter Promotion
2012 Walk Home Hermitage Tapes
2012 A Child Who Watched the Sky and So On Cold Spring


Year Title Label Notes
1985 Δ8000 / Prelude to Pallo Alchemy with Hijokaidan
1991 Studie für Konvulsivisches Denken / Inverted Yield Curve Freudwerk with Freudwerk
1995 I Hate Derivatives / Wet Panty Contest Mother Savage Noise Productions with Macronympha
1995 Gruenkreuz Campaign Org. with Stahlnetz
1997 Funds of Funds of Funds / Landmine Contrivances Spite / WMF Recordings with Autoerotichrist
1997 Selling Mutual Fund by the Pound / Most of My Problems Are Solved by an Afternoon Snooze Gentle Giant Records with Kazumoto Endo
1997 Quo Warranto / Channelling Through Transparent Planes Freak Animal with Junk Drome
1999 Stocks & Bonds Self Abuse Records with Two Assistant Deputy Ministers
2006 Mental Derivatives / Shining Obsession Segerhuva with Sewer Election
2006 A Purpose Not Necessary Dada Drumming with Black Leather Jesus
2007 Live at the No Fun Fest 2007 No Fun Productions with Pain Jerk
2009 For U.K. Show 20091106 n/a with Toshiji Mikawa solo
2013 Orujo & Sake Mattoid Records with Grassa Dato
2013 Father Eggplant / Bomb Fixers Viva Angel with Torturing Nurse
2017 Phobiaphobia HNM Records with Harsh Noise Movement


Year Title Label Notes
1998 We Are All Stupid Absurd with K2
2002 Return of Gomikawa Fumio Alchemy as Gomikawa Fumio with Kohei Gomi of Pain Jerk
2002 Vitamin Buckfast Starlight Furniture Co. with (In Spite of Flaming Creatures)
2005 Wreck (In 2 Parts) P-Tapes with Damion Romero


Year Title Label
1994 Extreme Gospel Nights 2 Vanilla
2007 Live in Oslo – Norway 2007 Freak Animal
2008 Live in Cabaret Freak Out Alchemy


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