Incense (film)

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MandarinXiāng Huǒ
Directed byNing Hao
Produced by
  • Zhang Yu
  • Liu Qingmiao
Written byNing Hao
StarringLi Qiang
CinematographyNing Hao
Edited by
  • Liu Xin
  • Lao Wu
Running time
98 minutes
LanguageJin Chinese

Incense is a 2003 Chinese indie/underground film written and directed by Ning Hao, then a Beijing Film Academy film major, on a ¥9000 budget. The film tells a somewhat humorous and tragic story about a Buddhist monk in a remote Shanxi village trying to repair the statue in his dilapidated temple. After encountering bureaucratic government employees, crooked policemen and thugs who lie to him or rob him, he finally decides to bamboozle superstitious believers to raise the money.

The film was never released in Chinese theaters, but rather shown at internationals film festivals and a few "art houses" in the west.


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