Inch (band)

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Origin San Diego, CA
Genres post-hardcore
Years active 1992 (1992)–1999 (1999)
Labels Atlantic Records, Cargo Records
Associated acts Sub Society
Drive Like Jehu
Congress of the Cow
Rocket From The Crypt
Past members Kristian Dunn
Dave Hepler
Mike Paprocki
Jeff Reese
Christopher "Pippin" Spanninga
Michael "Stimy" Steinman

Inch was a post hardcore band formed in San Diego in 1992. The group was founded by former Sub Society vocalist Michael "Stimy" Steinman, guitarist Mike Paprocki and bassist Jeff Reese.[1]

Band history[edit]

Inch was formed in 1992 by Michael "Stimy" Steinman, Jeff Reese, Dave Hepler and Michael Paprocki.[2] Steinman sang lead vocals and played guitar, Hepler was on drums, Reese on bass, and Paprocki on guitar. Steinman was the former lead singer of Sub Society, a band who achieved notoriety by being featured in several H-Street skateboarding videos. Inch released their debut album, Stresser, on the Atlantic Records imprint Seed Records in 1994. Seed went out of business before the band's second album DOT Class "C," so that album enjoyed a short release on Atlantic Records before they were dropped and the album was deleted from the Atlantic catalog. DOT Class "C" was then re-released by Cargo/Headhunter Records on CD and on Goldenrod Records and Trademark Records on LP, limited to a run of 750, with hand silkscreened art done by Drive Like Jehu singer and artist Rick Froberg. The song "For Duty And Humanity" from the album was featured on the soundtrack of the 1996 comedy film Flirting With Disaster and was included in the Foundation Skateboards video Duty Now For The Future.

In 1997, Inch took home "Best Alternative Rock" honors at the San Diego Music Awards[3] and spent the summer playing the second stage of the traveling Lollapalooza tour.[4][5] The band's third and final album, This Will Fall on Dead Ears, was released by Headhunter in 1998.


Inch would go on hiatus in 1999 and the remaining band members would go their separate ways. Steinman would go on to form Congress Of The Cow, which would later be named Best New Artist at the 2002 San Diego Music Awards.[6] He would also later join Colorado-based band Harvey Knuckles.


Inch vocalist Michael Steinman was found dead in his Reno, Nevada home on December 30, 2010. He was 38 years old and had died of heart disease.[6]

Partial Discography[edit]


  • 1994: Stresser
  • 1996: DOT Class "C"
  • 1998: This Will Fall On Dead Ears


  • 1992: Oxidizer b/w Coil 7" (Redemption Records)
  • 1994: Linger b/w Nope 7" (SEED Records)
  • 1996: Eugenics 7" (Atlantic Records)
  • 1997: For Duty And Humanity 7" (Headhunter Records)

Soundtracks and compilations[edit]


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