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The inch per second is a unit of speed or velocity. It expresses the distance in inches (in) traveled or displaced, divided by time in seconds (s, or sec). The equivalent SI unit is the metre per second[citation needed].

Abbreviations include in/s,[1] in/sec, ips,[1] and less frequently in s−1.


1 inch per second is equivalent to:

= 0.0254 metres per second (exactly)
= 112 or 0.083feet per second (exactly)
= 588 or 0.05681miles per hour (exactly)
= 0.09144 km·h−1 (exactly)

1 metre per second ≈ 39.370079 inches per second (approximately)
1 foot per second = 12 inches per second (exactly)
1 mile per hour = 17.6 inches per second (exactly)
1 kilometre per hour ≈ 10.936133 inches per second (approximately)


In magnetic tape sound recording, magnetic tape speed is often quoted in inches per second (abbreviated "ips").

Also computer mice sensitivity is also often referred to in inches per second (abbreviated as "ips") along with g force.

In rotorcraft health monitoring, rotor and shaft induced vibration levels are often quoted in inches per second.

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