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The Community Church of Inclusive Wicca
Community church of inclusive wicca.PNG
Logo of Community Church of Inclusive Wicca - the corporate body of Inclusive Wicca
Headquarters South Australia
Region served

Inclusive Wicca is an eclectic wiccan tradition which developed from the Oak and Mistletoe Teaching Coven founded in 2008 by Australian, Amethyst Treleven.


The corporate body of the tradition in Australia is the Community Church of Inclusive Wicca Incorporated, which is registered as a church in South Australia with its headquarters in Adelaide. It aims to present Wicca in an open way that adapts to the needs of individual seekers both in Australia and internationally.[1]

Covens and teaching[edit]

CCIWT has both a face-to-face coven, and an online one,[2] as well as a school of "three degrees" or levels of training.


The body produces a quarterly e-magazine, Spirit and Spell at low cost which is free to paid up members of the group. It serves the Australian pagan community and appears four times a year to coincide with the Australian sabbats being:

Lughnasadh – 1 February
Samhain – 1 May
Imbolc -1 August
Beltane – 1 November[3]

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