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Incognito Bangkok.jpg
Incognito in Bangkok in 2005
Background information
Origin United Kingdom
Genres Jazz-funk, acid jazz, soul, pop
Years active 1979–present
Labels P-Vine, Dôme, Edel, Shanachie, Heads Up Int', Handcuts, Pony Canyon, Narada, Universal, Verve, Talkin' Loud, Mercury, Ensign
Associated acts Light of the World, Count Basic, Fantastic Plastic Machine
Members Jean-Paul 'Bluey' Maunick
Matt Cooper: keyboards, musical director
Vanessa Haynes: vocals
Mo Brandis: vocals
Natalie Williams: vocals
Francis Hylton: bass
Francesco Mendolia: drums
João Caetano: Percussion
Sid Gauld: trumpet
Jamie Anderson: sax/flute
Trevor Mires: trombone
Maysa Leak: vocals
Tony Momrelle: vocals
Imaani: vocals
Past members Chris Botti
Jocelyn Brown
Joy Rose: vocals
Pete Ray Biggin
Nick Doobay<Carleen Anderson
Pamela Anderson
Graham Harvey: keyboards
Dominic 'Ski' Oakenfull: production/keyboards
Julian Crampton: bass
Richard Bailey: drums
Christopher Ballin
Marc Anthoni
Xavier Barnett
Bud Beadle
Kelli Sae
Karen Bernod
Max Beesley
Richard Bull: production/guitar
Simon Cotsworth: production/programming
Sarah Brown
Ray Carless
Patrick Clahar
Matt Coleman
Chris DeMargary
Thomas Dyani-Akuru
Gail Evans
Adrian Fry
Andy Gangadeen
Gavin Harrison
Peter Hinds
Randy Hope-Taylor
Ed Jones
Joy Malcolm
Linda Muriel
Quinton Caruthers
Kevin Robinson
Winston Rollins
Gary Sanctuary
Karl Vandenbossche
Fayyaz Virji
Tyrone Henry
Tony Remy
Andy Ross
Nichol Thomson
Paul Weller

Incognito is a British acid jazz band.[1] Their debut album, Jazz Funk, was released in 1981, with 15 more albums following, the latest of which, Amplified Soul, was released in June 2014.

The band's frontman, composer, record producer, guitarist and singer is Jean-Paul 'Bluey' Maunick. Other notable band members include or have included the singers Linda Muriel, Jocelyn Brown, Maysa Leak, Tony Momrelle, Imaani, Vanessa Haynes, Mo Brandis, Natalie Williams, Carleen Anderson, Pamela (PY) Anderson Kelli Sae (of Count Basic) and Joy Malcom.


Incognito was founded by Paul "Tubbs" Williams & Jean-Paul "Bluey" Maunick in 1979 as an off-shoot from Light of the World. LotW was a substantially sized group and as such, certain members wanted to go in different directions. The more commercially minded members formed Beggar & Co, whilst those wanting to develop a more jazz/funk-oriented sound formed Incognito. However, there has been a re-connection over the years in LotW with various former members, alongside their other commitments.

Incognito has had intermittent success in the UK Singles Chart, with their breakthrough 1991 hit a cover version of the Ronnie Laws tune "Always There", featuring Jocelyn Brown, which made No. 6 in the UK.[1] The group's 1992 single, "Don't you worry 'bout a thing" saw similar success, reaching No. 19 in the UK.[1] They have also been a favourite of various re-mixers, including Masters at Work, David Morales, Roger Sanchez and Jazzanova, and have released several albums consisting almost entirely of remixes.

In 1994, Incognito appeared on the Red Hot Organization's compilation album, Stolen Moments: Red Hot + Cool. The album, meant to raise awareness and funds in support of the AIDS epidemic in relation to the African American community, was heralded as "Album of the Year" by Time magazine. In 1996, the band contributed "Water to Drink" to the AIDS-benefit album Red Hot + Rio, also produced by the Red Hot Organization.

Their song "Need to Know" is the theme song for progressive radio and television news program Democracy Now!. "("Pyramids" is the correct song)


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