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Developer(s) IncrediBuild
Initial release 2002; 16 years ago (2002)
Stable release
9.2.2 / February 7, 2018; 8 months ago (2018-02-07)
Operating system Cross-platform
Type Build Accelerator
License Proprietary

IncrediBuild is a suite of grid computing software developed by IncrediBuild Ltd. IncrediBuild is designed to help accelerate computationally-intensive tasks by distributing them over the network, with notable applications including compiling source code, building software generally, and other software development-related tasks. Jobs can be distributed to several computers over a network, giving both the possibility of accelerating the work by using more resources than were available on the initiating computer alone, and potentially freeing local resources for other tasks.

IncrediBuild tools are available for Microsoft Windows and Linux, and have out-of-the-box support for accelerating builds targeting those platforms as well as Android, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and other platforms.[1] Originally sold specifically as a tool to accelerate compiling, IncrediBuild can now be used for other development processes[2] as well as general high performance computing.[3][4]


IncrediBuild's software suite is broken up into several, separately-licensable tools. IncrediBuild for Visual Studio C/C++ provides Visual Studio integration to accelerate builds of C and C++ projects. IncrediBuild for Make and Other Build Tools provides integration with several standard build tools including make, CMake, and MSBuild. IncrediBuild for Dev Tools provides additional interfaces for distributing jobs, which need not necessarily be building or compiling-related.

Notable users[edit]

IncrediBuild has several software development companies as customers, including a number of video game developers.[5] Turn 10 Studios, for instance, used IncrediBuild to accelerate builds, rendering from 3DS Max, code analysis, and other tasks during the development of Forza 5.[6] IncrediBuild also claims Epic Games, Electronic Arts, id Software, Bohemia Interactive, Scaleform Corporation, FromSoftware, and Bugbear Entertainment as clients.[5] CryEngine[7] and Unreal Engine[8][9][10] include built-in support for build acceleration via IncrediBuild.


IncrediBuild, Ltd. is an Israeli company based in Tel Aviv,[11] with IncrediBuild as its only selling product. In 2002 they introduced IncrediBuild v1.0, offering a solution for acceleration of Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 C/C++ code builds. IncrediBuild 1.3 was awarded with Game Developer Magazine's annual Front Line Award in the category of Programming for the year of 2003.[12]

After adding support to Visual Studio .NET and Visual Studio 2005, IncrediBuild later expanded IncrediBuild with what was at the time called "XGE Interfaces". This package allowed customers to implement custom acceleration of jobs which were not necessarily compilation-related, by exposing a set of interfaces to IncrediBuild's core grid engine technology.

In 2008, IncrediBuild won a "Productivity Award" in the Change and Configuration Management category of the 18th annual Jolt Awards.[13]

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