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Incredible Change-Bots is a graphic novel written and illustrated by the American comic book artist Jeffrey Brown and published by Top Shelf Productions.[1]

Released in 2007, it is a parody of the shape-changing robot genre, being at the same time a nostalgic tribute to the genre and a moral fable about certain human and environmental issues. Full of romance, melodrama, and epic battles, the book is not a simple collection of jokes or sketches, like in most parodies, but it has an actual plot, with ebbs and flows. The story follows the adventures of two groups of robots, the good but non-heroic Awesomebots and the evil but non-astute Fantasticons, which come to Earth from Electronocybercircuitron, a planet populated by machines able to change from robot form to vehicle form, to continue their war here. While the Awesomebots are led by the good-natured Big Rig, a robot that transforms into a tractor-trailer, the Fantasticons are led by the semi-cunning Shootertron, a robot that transforms into a gun.[2][3]

The book has a sequel, Incredible Change-Bots Two, in which Shootertron struggles to find an identity on Earth.[4]

The characters from the novel can be divided in three groups:

  • Awesomebots characters: Big Rig, Stinky, Racey, Siren, Arsonal, Honky Tonk, Headlight, Ivy, Hoser, Old Timey, Steggy, Buzzy, Eject and the sympathetic Balls, that transforms into a golf-cart.
  • Fantasticons characters: Shootertron, Wheeeee, Tredz, Afterburnerbot, Sparky, Dozer, Rusty, Gasser, Jitters, Bushwacky, Cementor, Microwave, Soupy and Popper.
  • Human characters: James 'Monkeywrench' Hawking, his son Jimmy Junior, the President, Stanley Dard, Amy Dard, General Deeyer, and Dr. Infallible.


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