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Designer(s) Colin Northway
Sarah Northway
Artist(s) Thomas Shahan
Platform(s) Windows
Adobe Flash (demo version)
Release date(s) 25 October 2012 (2012-10-25)
Genre(s) Physics-based, puzzle

Incredipede is a physics-based puzzle video game by Northway Games. The game was released on 25 October 2012.[citation needed]


A screenshot of Incredipede in play

The gameplay of Incredipede focuses on the character Quozzle, an Incredipede with the ability to morph to complete short challenges.[3][4] As the game progresses, new elements such as lava, water or wind appear.[4]


Incredipede was developed by Colin Northway while visiting numerous countries with his wife, Sarah.[5] While reading the Wikipedia article for jumping spiders, Colin found Thomas Shahan, who later became the game artist for Incredipede.[5] Incredipede has been submitted to Steam Greenlight, but Northway feels that if Greenlight did not exist, the game would have been launched on Steam earlier.[6] It was greenlit on 10 January 2013[7] after being announced as a 2013 IGF finalist.[8]

Incredipede was included in the Humble Bundle PC and Android 7 bundle, presented on 15 October 2013.


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