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The word incubation may refer to:


  • Dream incubation, practiced technique of learning to "plant a seed" in one's mind for a specific dream topic to occur
  • Egg incubation, sitting on or brooding the eggs of birds and other egg-laying animals to hatch them
  • Incubation (psychology), the process of thinking about a problem subconsciously while being involved in other activities
  • Incubation period, medical term for the time between being exposed to infection and showing first symptoms
  • Incubator (culture), a device used to grow and maintain course of cell cultures

Popular culture[edit]


  • Incubation (ritual), a religious practice of sleeping in a sacred area with the intention of experiencing a divinely inspired dream or cure
  • Salaat-ul-Istikhaarah, an Islamic prayer with the intention of searching for guidance for a decision or issue

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