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This article is about the 2006 book. For the character by the same nickname, see Indevan-Dal Algara-Vayir. For a village in Estonia, see Inda, Estonia. For association, see Nonwoven fabric.
Inda (DAW Books 2006).jpg
First edition cover
Author Sherwood Smith
Country United States
Language English
Genre Fantasy novel
Publisher DAW Books, Inc.
Publication date
Media type Print (Hardback)
Pages 586, 24 cm
ISBN 0-7564-0264-6
OCLC 70833909
813/.54 22
LC Class PS3569.M5379764 I63 2006
Followed by The Fox

Inda is the first installment in a quartet of books which act as an historical prequel to Sherwood Smith's other books set in Sartorias-deles, the world which she has been "writing about since [she] was eight years old,".[1] Inda's story takes place in the southern hemisphere of this planet.[1]

Inda's sequel, The Fox, came out on August 7, 2007.


Indevan-Dal "Inda" Algara-Vayir is the younger son of a Marlovan prince. He is sent to the Academy to learn the art of war, the highest art of his warrior country.

Once at the Academy, life is not as Inda expected. Through determination and unexpected friendships, Inda survives until a fateful summer when one of his classmates dies and his life is changed forever. Now exiled to the sea, serving aboard a merchant sailor Indevan-Dal's life is no more and Inda's begins


Indevan "Inda" Algara-Vayir: The second son of the Marlovan prince and princess, Jarend Algara-Vayir and Fareas Fera-Vayir. He is Tanrid's future Shield Arm.

Tanrid Algara-Vayir: The heir to the Marlovan prince and is Inda's older brother.

Hadand Algara-Vayir: Inda and Tanrid's sister. She is betrothed to the Marlovan king's heir, Aldren Montrei-Vayir.

Evred "Sponge" Montrei-Vayir: The second son to the Marlovan king, Tlennen Montrei-Vayir and his queen, Wisthia Shagal. Went to the Academy with Inda. He is Aldren's future Shield Arm.

Aldren Montre-Vayir: Evred's brother and heir to the Marlovan throne.

Barend Montre-Vayir: Cousin to Evred and Aldren, the son of Anderle Montrei-Vayir, the king's brother and Shield Arm. He is sent to sea and presumed dead when his ships are destroyed.

Kendred "Dogpiss" Noth: He went to the Academy with Inda. His death was blamed on Inda.

Landred "Cherry-Stripe" Marlo-Vayir: He went to the Academy with Inda and is the future Shield Arm to his brother, Aldren "Buck" Marlo-Vayir

Camarend "Cama" Tya-Vayir: Went to the Academy with Inda and the future Shield Arm of Stalgrid "Horsebutt" Tya-Vayir

Joret Dei: Tanrid's betrothed

Tdor Marth-Davan - Inda's betrothed


Inda has been much more polarizing among the readership than past works of Sherwood Smith. Members of who participate in writing reviews of her books have been especially dichotomic.[2]


  • Smith intended to release the trilogy as a pair, in order to save prospective readers time and money, but found it unworkable to do so. This is why the book ends somewhat abruptly.[1]


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