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Indara is a place in Mau district of Azamgarh Division of Uttar Pradesh, India.

Indara (IR Station code IAA) is an important railway junction station under Varanasi division of North Eastern Railway zone of Indian Railways. It connects Salempur Junction and Gorakhpur Junction on north east direction, Phephna Junction of south east direction, Mau Junction, Aunrihar Junction and Varanasi Junction on south-west direction and Dohri ghat on North direction. [1] Indara is the name of the railway station while the main city name is ADRI. Adri is the biggest populated city (town area) near by the station. It is just 5 minutes walk from railway station to Adri.

It contains three intermediate schools( National Inter College,Mohammad Ali Inter College,Sant Joseph Inter College) and three high schools, three government-added Madarsas and seven non-added one, one pg college named Shivanand Degree College 17 masques, seven temples. People of this city are quite helpful. Main business of the city is weaving. Its population would be around 15 thousand. Due to the electricity problem in U.P. as well in the city, most of the people left the city to earn their livelihood and went abroad (Gulf countries) and it is still continue.

Some big name from the city:

  • Mr. Aseer Adravi, a great writer of Urdu novels but have very bad thinking about the people, and money. There is a madarsa named Darussalam where he is the head. Till 1983 all the land of Madarsa was to the name of Madarsa but Mr. Aseer Adravi and Mol. Habeebur Rahman have registered all the land of Madarsa to their own name and now their sons are fighting for the same land that these are our[who?] land and it is not of Madarsa.
  • Dr. Waseeq: a congress party leader
  • Mr. Rajkumar Jaisawal: current chairman of the Town Area Adari
  • Kalpanath Rai: A Congress leader, MLA, MP, Cabinet Minister, Rail Minister, Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh was also from the same city.
  • Ramanand Yadav --Ex member zila panchayat Mau and zila sahakari bank Mau. Manegar ----Shivanand P.G.College Indara. Shivanand Pvt.I.T.I..Indara. R.N.Ayurvedik Pharmacy Indara.


the first pradhan of indara is babu bhuteli roy who donated 13.5 bigha land to railway for ramlila.

      • living pradhan Indara Subash Yadav .Sushila devi. Umarawati devi. Current pradhan Tara devi.