Indecent Exposure (album)

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Indecent Exposure: Some of the Best of George Carlin
Greatest hits album by George Carlin
Released December 1, 1978
Genre Comedy
Label Little David/Atlantic
George Carlin chronology
On the Road
(1977)On the Road1977
Indecent Exposure
Killer Carlin
(1981)Killer Carlin1981

Indecent Exposure was a 1970s compilation album from comedian George Carlin. It was his final release on the Little David label. The album was released on vinyl and cassette, but never CD.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title From the album Length
1. "Seven Words You Can Never Say On Television" Class Clown 7:02
2. "Sex In Commercials" FM & AM 5:06
3. "Bodily Functions" An Evening with Wally Londo Featuring Bill Slaszo 5:39
4. "Cute Little Farts" Occupation: Foole 5:10
5. "The Confessional" Class Clown 4:58
6. "Teenage Masturbation" An Evening with Wally Londo Featuring Bill Slaszo 4:49
7. "Urinals Are 50 Percent Universal" Toledo Window Box 2:22
8. "Filthy Words" Occupation: Foole 11:32