Independence Day (Turkmenistan)

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Independence Day
Turkmen: Garaşsyzlyk baýramy
Turkmen Cyrillic: Гарашсызлык бaйрaмы
Observed by Turkmenistan
SignificanceThe day the Declaration of Independence was adopted by the Turkmen SSR Supreme Soviet in 1991
CelebrationsFireworks, Concerts
DateSeptember 27
Next time27 September 2020 (2020-09-27)

Independence Day of Turkmenistan (Turkmen: Garaşsyzlyk baýramy, Гарашсызлык бaйрaмы) is the main state holiday in Turkmenistan. This date is celebrated in Turkmenistan annually on September 27.[1][2][3]


The Turkmen Soviet Socialist Republic participated in the referendum held in March 1991 in an attempt to preserve the Soviet Union as a renewed federation called the Union of Sovereign States, a referendum in which 98.26% of voters approved.

Following the events of the failed coup that took place in August, the Supreme Soviet of the Turkmenistan decided to adopt the law "About Independence and Bases of a State System of Turkmenistan", effectively declaring its independence on 27 October 1991. After disintegration of the USSR, the Turkmen SSR became one of the last republics in the former Soviet Union to proclaime state sovereignty. In 2018, the government of Turkmenistan voted to move the date exactly a month back to September 27.


Military parade in Ashgabat
Honor guard in Ashgabat.

When it comes to formal protocol, there is a ceremony of laying flowers at the Independence Monument, followed by a massive military parade on the central square of Ashgabat.[4][5] On Independence Day, a tradition of awarding outstanding citizens and cultural figures state awards is common practice.

In many cities of the country, festive events and concerts are held. Salutes and fireworks in honor of independence are also traditional events.[6] The holiday is celebrated with festivities on September 27.[7]


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