Independence Hall of Korea

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Independence Hall of Korea
Independence Hall of Korea 01.JPG
The Independence Hall of Korea in June 2011.
Established August 17, 1987
Location 230 Namhwari, Mokcheon-eup, Dongnam District, Cheonan, South Chungcheong Province, South Korea
Type History
Director Kim Nung-Jin
Independence Hall of Korea
Hangul 독립기념관
Revised Romanization Dongnip kinyeomgwan
McCune–Reischauer Toknip kinyŏmkwan

The Independence Hall of Korea (Korean: 독립기념관; Dongnip kinyeomgwan) is a Korean history museum in Cheonan, South Korea. Opened on August 15, 1987, it has the largest exhibition facility in South Korea, with a total floor area of 23,424 m². The museum focuses on the independence movements of the Japanese colonial period; however, the first exhibition hall, The Hall of National Heritage, is dedicated to the period ranging from prehistoric times to the Joseon Dynasty. It has seven indoor exhibition halls and a Circle Vision Theater.

In March 2013, actress Song Hye-kyo donated the production cost of braille brochures for the Hall. With the help of scholar Seo Kyung-duk of Sungshin Women's University, 1,000 copies are to be made available with more in the planning, as not many museums provide braille brochures for the blind. She reportedly decided to help after playing a blind woman in 2013 Seoul Broadcasting System drama That Winter, the Wind Blows.[1]


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