Partit per la Independència

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Party for Independence
Partit per la Independència
President Àngel Colom i Colom
Secretary-General Benet Tugues i Boliart
Founded 1996 (1996)
Dissolved 1999 (1999)
Split from Republican Left of Catalonia
Merged into Democratic Convergence of Catalonia
Ideology Catalan independentism

Partit per la Independència (PI) (Catalan pronunciation: [pərˈtit pər ɫə indəpənˈdɛnsiə]) was a short lived political party in Catalonia of the 1990s that campaigned for independence for Catalonia from Spain. It was created by Àngel Colom and Pilar Rahola in 1996[1] as a schism from Republican Left of Catalonia, another independentist party. After the meager electoral results in municipal elections in 1999, particularly in Barcelona city where Rahola was candidate, Partit per la Independència was dissolved. Afterwards, Colom and most of the party direction integrated into Convergència Democràtica de Catalunya. Joan Laporta, later president of Futbol Club Barcelona, was member of PI.