Independence Power Plant

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Independence Power Plant
Official name Entegy Independence Plant
Country United States
Location Newark, Independence County, Arkansas
Coordinates 35°40′38″N 91°24′35″W / 35.67722°N 91.40972°W / 35.67722; -91.40972Coordinates: 35°40′38″N 91°24′35″W / 35.67722°N 91.40972°W / 35.67722; -91.40972
Status Operational
Commission date 1983 (unit 1), 1984 (unit 2)
Owner(s) Entergy (31%)
Power generation
Units operational 2
Nameplate capacity 1,678 MW

Independence Power Plant is a 1,678-megawatt coal-fired base load power plant near Newark, Arkansas. The plant has two units, rated at 850 MWe each, that came online in 1983 and 1984.[2] The plant is owned in part by Entergy Arkansas. It has a 305-meter chimney built in 1983.


In 2013, Environment America ranked the plant 35th on its list of the 100 dirtiest coal-fired power stations in the U.S., reporting that its 2011 emissions were equivalent to 2.3 million passenger vehicles.[3]

The plant released 10,787,400 metric tons of greenhouse gases in 2012 according to the EPA.[4] The emissions in metric tons comprised:

  • Carbon dioxide: 10,705,646
  • Methane: 25,974
  • Nitrous oxide: 55,780

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