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Type of organisation Charitable organisation
Founded 1863
Volunteers Approximately 1,500
Employees Approximately 90
Motto Advice and support for older age
Formerly called Royal United Kingdom Beneficent Association (RUKBA)

Independent Age, formerly the Royal United Kingdom Beneficent Association (RUKBA), is a registered charity offering an information and advice service for older people, their families and carers. The advice line offers advice on social care, welfare benefits and befriending services. The charity also provides befriending services to older people in their own homes to help alleviate loneliness and social exclusion. Independent Age also campaigns for the rights of older people.


Six people set up a voluntary society to aid the newly poor in 1863 - The Royal United Kingdom Beneficent Association (RUKBA). Their goal was to prevent destitution by providing those in poverty with a small, regular income for life. Applicants were required to be over 40, living on less than £25 a year and from the 'upper and middle classes' (who are thought to have been 'sadly overlooked in the desire... to better the condition of the lower orders'). Funding for the charity is provided by subscribers, who pay a small sum and in return are able to decide who the charity will support.

Sir William Thomas Charley and his brother-in-law, Captain William Mackenzie, are two of the six founders.

In 2005, the charity re-branded and became known as Independent Age but is still registered under its original name with the Charity Commission. In October 2011, Counsel and Care and UBS merged with Independent Age.


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