Independent Civic Organisation of South Africa

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Independent Civic Organisation of South Africa
President Jeffrey Donson
Chairperson <!werner moshoha-- or:
General Secretary Klaas Lesholi
Spokesperson dawid kamfer
Deputy President alvina abrahams
National Chairperson W. Meshoa
Split from African National Congress

The Independent Civic Organisation of South Africa (ICOSA) is a minor South African political party. It was founded by former Karoo District Municipality manager Truman Prince, who was expelled from the African National Congress (ANC) in 2006.[1] [2] He was reinstated as municipal manager by the municipal council in June, 2007, after a protracted legal battle, but was fired from his post in August of that same year through provincial vote.[3] Jeffrey Donson, formerly of the National People's Party (NPP), is the current president of ICOSA.

The Democratic Alliance/ICOSA coalition took power in the Kannaland Local Municipality in August 2006 when the short-lived ANC-led coalition pact with the DA collapsed. The coalition of the DA and ICOSA collapsed when two ICOSA and three ANC councillors crossed the floor giving the NPP five seats out of nine in the council or an outright majority (the only such council in SA that was governed by this fledgling new party at the time). The DA refused to recognise the new NPP-led council administration as it alleged that the two ICOSA defectors were sacked prior to the floor-crossing window being open and were then challenged in the Cape High Court. As such its former mayor refused to "step down" pending the outcome of the case, creating uncertainty and instability in this beleaguered council.

In the 2011 municipal election, ICOSA regained a plurality in the Kannaland municipality with three seats while the ANC and the DA won two each.


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