Independent Liberal Party (Kosovo)

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Independent Liberal Party
Leader Slobodan Petrović
Founded 2006
Ideology Liberalism,
Serbian minority interests
European affiliation None
International affiliation Liberal International (observer)[1]
Colours Yellow, Blue
8 / 120
Politics of Kosovo
Political parties

The Independent Liberal Party (Serbian: Самостална либерална странка, Samostalna liberalna stranka, SLS) is a Serbian political party in Kosovo. Chairman of the party is Slobodan Petrović.

At the last Kosovan parliamentary elections, held on 12 December 2010, the party won 2.1% of the popular vote and 8 out of 120 seats.

On February 19, Hashim Thaçi, whose Democratic Party of Kosovo won the largest share of votes in the elections, signed a governing coalition agreement with SLS leader Slobodan Petrović. The SLS got three ministries – Local Self-Government Ministry, Communities and Return Ministry and Labor and Social Welfare Ministry.[2][3]


The party recognizes Kosovo independence from Serbia. It is social democratic.


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