Independent Liberal Party (Nicaragua)

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Independent Liberal Party
President Eduardo Montealegre
Founded 1944
Headquarters Managua, Nicaragua
Ideology Liberalism (Nicargua)
Political position Centre-right
International affiliation Liberal International (observer)[1]
Colors Red, white and blue
Seats in the National Assembly
27 / 92
Party flag
Website[citation needed]
Politics of Nicaragua
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The Independent Liberal Party (Partido Liberal Independiente - PLI) is a Nicaraguan political party separated from Somoza's Nationalist Liberal Party (PLN) in 1944, and formed in 1947. PLI participated in 1984 election, winning 9.6% of vote for President with its candidate Virgilio Godoy. In 1990 it was part of the National Opposition Union -a broad alliance of Sandinista regime opponents- with Virgilio Godoy running as the vice-presidential candidate. As of 2006, PLI is part of Montealegre's Nicaraguan Liberal Alliance in the Nicaraguan general election, 2006.

During the 2011 presidential election, the party participated as part of an alliance against the ruling FSLN that also included Movimiento vamos con Eduardo, Sandinista Renovation Movement, PAC, Partido Multiétnico por la Unidad Costeña, dissident Conservatives, Sociedad Civil and independents.[2] The candidate for presidency was the journalist and writer Fabio Gadea Mantilla. The election was eventually won by incumbent president Daniel Ortega with Mantilla finishing second.