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Independent Nationalist was a political title frequently used by Irish nationalists when contesting elections to the House of Commons of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland not as members of the Irish Parliamentary Party, in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

In the main, but certainly not always, such Independent Nationalist candidates were either the Healyite Nationalists, supporters of Timothy Michael Healy, or the O'Brienite Nationalists, supporters of William O'Brien.

Some others were elected as Independent Nationalists outside of the above groupings, such as Timothy Harrington (1900) & (1906), Joseph Nolan (1900), D. D. Sheehan (1906), Laurence Ginnell (1910), William Redmond and James Cosgrave (1923), Michael O'Neill (1951), John Hume (1969), Paddy O'Hanlon (1969) and Ivan Cooper (1969).

More recently Deirdre Anne Gates, a Hertfordshire County Councillor for South Oxhey sat as an Independent Nationalist after resigning from the BNP in August 2010, before joining the English Democrats in July 2011.