Independent Party (Uruguay)

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Independent Party
Partido Independiente
Leader Pablo Mieres
Founded 2003
Headquarters 18 de julio 2015, Montevideo, Uruguay
Ideology Social democracy,
Christian humanism
Political position Centre to Centre-left
Colours Yellow, Purple
Chamber of Deputies
3 / 99
1 / 30

The Independent Party (Spanish: Partido Independiente) is a social democratic and Christian humanist political party in Uruguay. The party is led by Pablo Mieres, who was presidential candidate in the 2004 national elections and in 2009.


Its goal is to build a third way away from the heterodox left-wing coalition Frente Amplio and the traditional right wing parties Colorado Party and National Party.

2004 electoral strength[edit]

At the 2004 national elections, it won 1.89% of the popular vote, one seat in the Chamber of Deputies (which is occupied by Iván Posada), and none in the Senate. It is the fourth largest party in Uruguay, and the smallest with parliamentary representation.

2009 electoral strength[edit]

At the 2009 national elections, it won 2.49% of the popular vote, and two seats in the Chamber of Deputies (occupied by Iván Posada and Daniel Radío).

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