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The Independent Schools Association (ISA) is an organisation of independent schools in the United Kingdom. Founded in 1878, it is one of the country's oldest such groups. It is a constituent association of the Independent Schools Council, and has a membership of around 513 schools. The association's headquarters are in Great Chesterford, Essex.

The organisation offers professional support and training for headteachers and staff of its members' schools, as well as sport and cultural activities for pupils. Such activities include an annual art competition, a drama festival and essay writing competitions. There are also local and national events and competitions arranged by the ISA for sports such as athletics, cross country running, gymnastics, hockey, netball, rugby, soccer and swimming.

The member schools of the ISA fit a broad profile. These include pre-prep and preparatory schools, junior schools, senior schools and sixth form colleges. Approximately 65 members are boarding schools. A small number of members are schools for children with special educational needs, and some members are dance, music and drama schools.

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