Independent Voice of the Acehnese Party

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Independent Voice of the Acehnese Party
Partai Suara Independent
Rakyat Aceh, SIRA
Chairman M Taufiq Abda
Secretary-General Arhama
Founded December 2007
Headquarters Banda Aceh
Ballot number 37
DPR Seats N/A (New Party)

The Independent Voice of the Acehnese Party (Indonesian: Partai Suara Independen Rakyat Aceh, SIRA) is a regional political party in Indonesia. It is to contest the 2009 elections in the province of Aceh. [1]

The party's initials, SIRA originally stood for the Information Center for a Referendum on Aceh, which was established in 1999, but the organization assumed its current name for the elections. It is the main challenger for the Aceh Party in the province. The party's chairman is the current deputy governor of Aceh.[2][3]


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