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Index Case
Origin Indianola, Iowa
Genres Nu metal
Years active 1998–present
Labels True Player
Mortal Music
Elektra Records
Members Joe Ansley
Josh Parker
Nick Borror
Josh Ickowitz
Past members Korey Birkenholtz
Jordan Spence
Ryan Berrier

Index Case is a melodic nu metal music group, hailing from Indianola, Iowa.


Index Case formed in 1998, when guitarist Josh Parker and drummer Jordan Spence started writing music in Spence's basement. Vocalist Joe Ansley joined later. The band bought recording equipment and began to record Birth. Index Case started booking shows in Des Moines and slowly built a following. Soon they added Korey Birkenholtz on bass. The band recorded two more independent albums Glass and The Weak and the Wounded before finally signing a major label deal with Elektra/No Name Records.

They headed to California to record their album The L. Soon after the album's completion, No Name Music folded, and Index Case was left without a label. Also at this time, bassist Korey Birkenholtz left the band for personal reasons. Bassist Nick Borror was selected as his replacement.

Index Case soon joined Mortal Music, operated by Tim King of Soil. They used the recordings of The L and their self-titled Index Case album was released on September 27, 2005. The band began to tour for the album, and eventually founding member Jordan Spence had to leave the band. Index Case selected Ryan Berrier (formerly from Destrophy) as his replacement however after 2 years they have also decided to part ways with him. They have recently had Josh Ickowitz join as the new drummer.

They were also featured on the soundtrack of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and the UFC UFC: Ultimate Beat Downs, Vol. 1 compilation. An excerpt of their song "The L" was used in the first trailer for the controversial documentary A Clown Short of Destiny. At this time the film has not been released to the public.

As of 2008, they are writing material for their next album. Two new songs from the album can be heard on their MySpace. On June 12, 2010, they released their fifth and highly anticipated studio album augusTagein. Available on iTunes

During April 2016, news about an upcoming EP started surfacing through various social media. In May it was revealed that the new EP titled Ocean will be released online and a show at club Lefty's, Des Moines was scheduled on May 21. The EP contains 4 new tracks, including lead single Ocean[1] and Silver.[2]


  • Joe Ansley – Vocals
  • Josh Parker – Guitar
  • Nick Borror – Bass
  • Josh Ickowitz - Drums
  • Korey Birkenholtz – Bass
  • Jordan Spence – Drums
  • Ryan Berrier – Drums



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