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The location of Belarus
An enlargeable map of the Republic of Belarus

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Communications in Belarus[edit]

Conservation in Belarus[edit]

National parks of Belarus[edit]

World Heritage Sites in Belarus[edit]

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Economy of Belarus[edit]

Companies of Belarus[edit]

Automotive companies of Belarus[edit]

Motor vehicle manufacturers of Belarus[edit]

Trade unions of Belarus[edit]

Education in Belarus[edit]

Belarusian schoolteachers[edit]

Universities in Belarus[edit]

Fauna of Belarus[edit]

Geography of Belarus[edit]

Amusement parks in Belarus[edit]

Craters of Belarus[edit]

Lakes of Belarus[edit]

Rivers of Belarus[edit]

Subdivisions of Belarus[edit]

Provinces of Belarus[edit]

Brest Province[edit]
Homieĺ Voblasć[edit]

Towns in Belarus[edit]


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Villages in Belarus[edit]

Healthcare in Belarus[edit]

History of Belarus[edit]

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History of Belarus
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Middle ages
Early Modern
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Archaeological sites in Belarus[edit]

Battles of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania[edit]

Battles of the Polish–Lithuanian–Teutonic War[edit]

Battles of the Polish–Muscovite War (1605–1618)[edit]

Chernobyl disaster[edit]

East Slavic history[edit]

East Slavic manuscripts[edit]

Kievan Rus[edit]

Battles of Kievan Rus[edit]
Rulers of Kievan Rus[edit]

East Slavic history stubs[edit]

Elections in Belarus[edit]

Maps of the history of Belarus[edit]

Maps of Kievan Rus[edit]

Maps of the Soviet Union[edit]

Maps of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth[edit]

Military history of Belarus during World War II[edit]

Polish–Lithuanian Union[edit]

Belarusian rulers[edit]


Ruthenian nobility[edit]

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Uprisings of Belarus[edit]

Years in Belarus[edit]

2006 in Belarus[edit]

Belarusian history stubs[edit]

Images of Belarus[edit]

Belarusian law[edit]

Law enforcement in Belarus[edit]

Maps of Belarus[edit]

Old maps of Belarus[edit]

Belarusian media[edit]

Belarusian journalists[edit]

Newspapers published in Belarus[edit]

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Radio stations in Belarus[edit]

Military of Belarus[edit]

Organizations based in Belarus[edit]

Youth organizations based in Belarus[edit]

Scouting in Belarus[edit]

Belarusian people[edit]

Belarusian people by occupation[edit]

Belarusian singers[edit]

Belarusian bishops[edit]

Belarusian cosmonauts[edit]

Belarusian mathematicians[edit]

Belarusian sculptors[edit]

Belarus born people[edit]

Belarusian Jews[edit]

People of Belarusian descent[edit]

Belarusian Americans[edit]

Belarusian Australians[edit]

Belarusian Russians[edit]

Belarusian Ukrainians[edit]

Belarusian Canadians[edit]

Main article: Belarusians in Canada

Belarusian Polish people[edit]

Belarusian Uruguayans[edit]

Belarusian nobility[edit]






Belarusian saints[edit]

Belarusian people stubs[edit]

Politics of Belarus[edit]

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Foreign relations of Belarus[edit]

Belarusian diplomats[edit]

Political parties in Belarus[edit]

Belarusian politicians[edit]

Belarusian revolutionaries[edit]

Presidents of Belarus[edit]

Prime Ministers of Belarus[edit]

Belarusian politics stubs[edit]

Religion in Belarus[edit]

Cemeteries in Belarus[edit]

Science and technology in Belarus[edit]

Belarusian scientists[edit]

Belarusian historians[edit]

Belarusian society[edit]

Awards and decorations of Belarus[edit]

Sport in Belarus[edit]

Athletics in Belarus[edit]

Belarus at the European Championships in Athletics[edit]

Sports festivals hosted in Belarus[edit]

Football in Belarus[edit]

Belarusian football competitions[edit]

Belarusian football managers[edit]

Belarusian footballers[edit]

Belarusian football clubs[edit]

Defunct Belarusian football clubs[edit]
FC MTZ-RIPO managers

Football venues in Belarus[edit]

Footballers in Belarus by club[edit]

FC MTZ-RIPO players[edit]

Handball in Belarus[edit]

Belarusian handball clubs[edit]

Ice hockey in Belarus[edit]

Belarusian ice hockey players[edit]

Belarus at the Olympics[edit]

Olympic competitors for Belarus[edit]

Olympic tennis players of Belarus[edit]
Olympic weightlifters of Belarus[edit]

Belarusian sportspeople[edit]

Belarusian sportspeople in doping cases[edit]

Belarusian archers[edit]

Belarusian athletes[edit]

Belarusian basketball players[edit]

Belarusian boxers[edit]

Belarusian canoers[edit]

Belarusian chess players[edit]

Belarusian figure skaters[edit]

Belarusian freestyle skiers[edit]

Belarusian gymnasts[edit]

Belarusian handball players[edit]

Belarusian martial artists[edit]

Belarusian judoka[edit]
Belarusian kickboxers[edit]
Belarusian mixed martial artists[edit]

Belarusian rowers[edit]

Belarusian sport shooters[edit]

Belarusian speed skaters[edit]

Belarusian sport wrestlers[edit]

Belarusian swimmers[edit]

Belarusian tennis players[edit]

Belarusian volleyball coaches[edit]

Belarusian weightlifters[edit]

Sports venues in Belarus[edit]

Transport in Belarus[edit]

Airlines of Belarus[edit]

Airports in Belarus[edit]

Rail transport in Belarus[edit]

Minsk Metro[edit]

Railway stations in Belarus[edit]

Roads in Belarus[edit]

Belarus stubs[edit]

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