Index of DOS games (0–9)

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This is an index of DOS games.

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Title Released Developer(s) Publisher(s)
$100,000 Pyramid 1987 The Box Office, Inc The Box Office, Inc
007: Licence to Kill 1989-04-20 Quixel Domark
1 Ton 1996-11-30 Independent Project Martin Magnusson
1-0 Soccer Manager 1992-06-08 New Era Software Wizard Games of Scotland
1000 Miglia 1992 Simulmondo Simulmondo
10th Frame 1986 Access Software U.S. Gold
11th Hour, The 1995-12-13 Trilobyte Virgin Interactive
16 1996 Alexandr Gogava
1830: Railroads & Robber Barons 1995-04-13 Simtex Avalon Hill
1869 1992-12-31 Max Design Max Design
1942: The Pacific Air War 1994-06-01 MicroProse MicroProse
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea 1988-12-31 Coktel Vision Coktel Vision
221B Baker Street 1987-12-31 Datasoft Datasoft
2400 A.D. 1988 Origin Systems Origin Systems
3 Point Basketball 1993 MVP Software MVP Software
3 Skulls of the Toltecs 1996-12-31 Revistronic Midway Games West
3-D Helicopter Simulator 1987 Sierra On-Line Sierra On-Line
3-Demon 1983-12-31 PC Research Inc. PC Research Inc.
3-D TableSports 1996 Mass Media Inc. Time Warner Interactive
3-K Trivia 1984 IBM IBM
3D Ball Blaster 1992 Homebrew Software Dungeon Entertainment
3D Body Adventure 1994-12-31 Knowledge Adventure Knowledge Adventure
3D Lemmings 1995-07-31 Clockwork Games Limited Psygnosis
3D Lemmings Winterland 1995-12 Clockwork Games Limited Psygnosis
3D Pitball 1992 Microvalue Villa Crespo Software
3D Pitfall 1994-09-15 Independent Project J. Shramko
3D Virtual Studio 1991-06-01 Domark, Incentive Software Domark, Incentive Software
3D World Boxing 1992 Simulmondo Simulmondo
4D Prince of Persia[1] 1994-02-26 Kirill A. Terebilov Kirill A. Terebilov
4D Sports Boxing 1991-06-15 Distinctive Software Electronic Arts, Mindscape
4D Sports Tennis 1990 Distinctive Software Mindscape
4th & Inches 1988 Accolade (company) Accolade (company)
4x4 Off-Road Racing 1988-06-01 Epyx, Ogdon Micro Design Epyx
50 Mission Crush 1984-06-01 Simulmondo Strategic Simulations
500cc Grand Prix 1987-06-01 Microïds Microïds
5th Fleet 1994-12-31 Stanley Associates Avalon Hill
5X 2000-03-15 SpeedStrip Interactive SpeedStrip Interactive
688 Attack Sub 1989 Electronic Arts Electronic Arts
7 Colors 1991 Gamos Ltd. Infogrames
7 Dni a 7 noci 1994-11-14 Pterodon Software Vochozka Trading
7th Guest, The 1993 Trilobyte Virgin Games
8088 Othello[2] 1985 M. W. Bayley M. W. Bayley


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