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This is an index of DOS games.

This list has been split into multiple pages. Please use the Table of Contents to browse it.

Title Released Developer(s) Publisher(s)
NAM 1998 Team TNT GT Interactive
Napoleon in Russia: Borodino 1812 1988 Krentek Software Datasoft
Narco Police 1989 Iron Byte Dinamic Software
NASCAR Grand National Series Expansion Pack 1997 Papyrus Design Group Sierra On-Line
NASCAR Racing 1994 Papyrus Design Group Virgin Interactive, Sierra On-Line
NASCAR Track Pack 1995 Papyrus Design Group Virgin Interactive, Sierra On-Line
NASCAR Racing 2 1996 Papyrus Design Group Papyrus Design Group, Sierra On-Line
NASCAR Grand National Series Expansion Pack 1997 Papyrus Design Group Sierra On-Line
National Lampoon's Chess Maniac 5 Billion and 1 1993 MicroProse Spectrum Holobyte
Navcom 6: The Persian Gulf Defense 1988 Cosmi Corporation
Navy Moves 1990 Dinamic Software Dinamic Software
Navy Seals 1990 Ocean Software Ocean Software
Navy Strike 1995 Rowan Software Empire Interactive Europe
NBA Jam Tournament Edition 1994 Iguana Entertainment Acclaim Entertainment
NBA Live 95 1994 Hitmen Productions Electronic Arts
NBA Live 96 1995 Electronic Arts Electronic Arts
NBA Live 97 1996 Electronic Arts Electronic Arts
NCAA Basketball: Road to the Final Four 1991 Mirage Graphics, Bethesda Softworks Bethesda Softworks
NCAA Road to the Final Four 2 1994 ADI Development, Bethesda Softworks Softgold Computerspiele
NCAA Championship Basketball 1996 GTE Entertainment GTE Entertainment
Need for Speed 1994 EA Canada, Pioneer Productions Electronic Arts
Need for Speed - Special Edition 1996 EA Seattle, Pioneer Productions Electronic Arts
Nemesis: The Wizardry Adventure 1996 Sir-Tech Sir-Tech
NeoHunter 1996 Ronin Entertainment Virgin Interactive
Nephi's Quest 1990 TechnoCrafts Unlimited Compuclassics Corporation, Eagle Marketing Corporation
Nerves of Steel 1995 Rainmaker Software Merit Studios
NetHack 1987 Unknown Unknown
Netherworld 1988 Jukka Tapanimäki Hewson Consultants
NetMaze 1998 Immaculate Unknown
NetMech 1996 Activision Activision
Net:ZONE 1996 Compro Games GameTek
Network Q RAC Rally 1993 Pixelcraft Accolade, Eurocraft
Network Q RAC Rally Championship 1996 Magnetic Fields Europress
Neuromancer 1988 Interplay Productions Interplay Productions
The NeverEnding Story II: The Next Chapter 1991 Linel Merit Studios
Nevermind 1989 Psygnosis Psyclapse
Neverwinter Nights 1991 Stormfront Studios Strategic Simulations
NFL Challenge 1985 XOR Corporation XOR Corporation
NFL Pro League Football 1989 Micro Sports Micro Sports
NFL Pro League Football (1991 edition) 1991 Micro Sports Interplay Productions
NFL Quarterback Club 96 1995 Iguana Entertainment Acclaim Entertainment
NHL Hockey 1993 Electronic Arts EA Sports
NHL 95 1994 EA Canada, Pioneer Productions EA Sports
NHL 96 1995 EA Canada, Pioneer Productions EA Sports
NHL 97 1996 EA Canada EA Sports
Nibbles 1991 Rick Raddatz Microsoft
Nick Faldo's Championship Golf 1993 Arc Developments Grandslam Entertainment
Nigel Mansell's World Championship 1993 Gremlin Graphics GameTek
Night Bomber 1988 ? Apogee Software
Night Hawk: F-117A Stealth Fighter 2.0 1991 Microprose Microprose
NightHunter 1988 Ubisoft Ubisoft
Night Mission Pinball 1982 subLOGIC subLOGIC
Night Raid 1992 Software Creations Software Creations
Night Shift 1990 Lucasfilm Games Lucasfilm Games
Night Stalker 1983 Unknown Mattel Electronics
Night Trap 1994 Digital Pictures Digital Pictures
Nightmare on Elm Street, A 1989 Westwood Studios Monarch Development
Nine Princes in Amber 1987 Trillium Corp. Trillium Corp.
Ninja 1986 Sculptured Software Mastertronic
Ninja Gaiden 1990 Hi-Tech Expressions Hi-Tech Expressions
Ninja Gaiden II: The Dark Sword of Chaos 1991 Manley & Associates GameTek
Ninja Rabbits 1991 MicroValue MicroValue
Nippon Safes Inc. 1992 Dynabyte Dynabyte
Nitemare 3D 1994 Gray Design Associates Gray Design Associates
Nobunaga's Ambition 1988 KOEI KOEI
Nobunaga's Ambition 2 1989 KOEI KOEI
Noctis 2001 Home Sweet Pixel Home Sweet Pixel
Noctropolis 1994 Flashpoint Productions Electronic Arts
Nocturnal Nightmares 1992 Robin Ward, Martin Salomon
No Exit 1990 Coktel Vision, MDO Tomahawk Software
No Greater Glory 1991 Space Time Simulations Strategic Simulations
Nomad 1993 Intense! Interactive, Papyrus Design Group GameTek
Nord and Bert Couldn't Make Head or Tail of It 1987 Infocom Infocom
Normality 1996 Gremlin Interactive Interplay Productions
Norse by Norse West: The Return of the Lost Vikings 1992 Silicon & Synapse Interplay Productions
North & South 1989 Infogrames Infogrames
Nova 9: The Return of Gir Draxon 1991 Dynamix Sierra On-Line
Novalight Tetris 1995 NovaLight Software Unknown
Novastorm 1994 Psygnosis Sony Electronic Publishing
Novatron 1982 VeriSoft Works Unknown
Nuclear War 1989 New World Computing U.S. Gold
Nuke It 1998 Micro Star Micro Star
Nuke It 1000 1996 CrystalVision Brand Software Micro Star
Nuke It v2.0 1997 CrystalVision Brand Software Micro Star
Number Munchers 1990 MECC MECC
Number Munchers Tribute 1988 Unknown Unknown
Nyet 1988 Unknown Unknown
Nyet 3: The Revenge of the Mutant Stones 1993 Proline Software Pearl America
NY Warriors 1991 Synergistic Software Arcadia Systems