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This is an index of DOS games.

This list has been split into multiple pages. Please use the Table of Contents to browse it.

Title Released Developer(s) Publisher(s)
T2: The Arcade Game 1993 Probe Software Acclaim Entertainment
Taco Bell: Tasty Temple Challenge
Taco Nazi: The Game
Tactical Operations II: Beyond Destruction
Tag Team Wrestling 1985 Quicksilver Software Data East, U.S. Gold
Tai-Pan 1987 Ocean Software Ocean Software
Taito's Super Space Invaders
Tales of the Unknown, Volume I: The Bard's Tale 1987 Electronic Arts Interplay Entertainment
Talisman: Challenging the Sands of Time
Tangled Tales 1989 Origin Systems Origin Systems
Tank: The M1A1 Abrams Battle Tank Simulation
Tank Wars 1990 Kenneth Morse Kenneth Morse
Tapper 1983 Marvin Glass and Associates Bally Midway
Targhan 1989 Silmarils
Task Force 1942 1992 MicroProse MicroProse
Tass Times in Tonetown 1986 Brainwave Creations, Interplay Productions Activision
Tau Ceti 1987 CRL Group PLC CRL Group PLC
Tau Ceti II: Academy 1988 CRL Group PLC CRL Group PLC
Teamtris 1991 Tony Jedlovsky and Brian Orr
Team Yankee 1990 Oxford Digital Enterprises Empire Interactive
Tear Down The Wall
Techno Cop 1988 Gray Matter, Imagexcel U.S. Gold
Teen Agent 1995 Metropolis Software House Metropolis Software House
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1989 Distinctive Software Ultra Software Corporation
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Arcade Game 1992 Image Works Konami
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Manhattan Missions 1991 Distinctive Software Konami
Teenage Queen 1988 ERE Informatique, Exxos Infogrames
Tegel's Mercenaries 1992 Mindcraft Mindcraft
Telengard 1985 Avalon Hill Avalon Hill
Tempest 2000 1994 Atari Corporation, Llamasoft Atari Corporation
Temple of Apshai 1982 Epyx Automated Simulations
Temple of Apshai Trilogy 1985 Epyx Epyx, Keypunch Software
Temple of Kroz 1990 Scott Miller Apogee Software
Ten Nights of Killing and Mayhem at F.J.B. II
Tennis Cup II
Terep 2
Terminal Terror 1994 Pie in the Sky Software Expert Software
Terminal Velocity 1995 Terminal Reality 3D Realms
Terminator 2029 1992 Bethesda Softworks Bethesda Softworks
Terminator 2029: Operation Scour 1993 Bethesda Softworks Bethesda Softworks
Terminator 2: Judgment Day 1991 Ocean Software Ocean Software
Terminator 2: Judgment Day - Chess Wars 1993 Capstone Software IntraCorp
Terminator, The 1991 Bethesda Softworks Bethesda Softworks
Terminator: Rampage 1993 Bethesda Softworks Bethesda Softworks
Terminator: Future Shock 1995 Bethesda Softworks Bethesda Softworks
Terra Nova: Strike Force Centauri 1996 Looking Glass Technologies Looking Glass Technologies
TerraFire 1997 ORT Software ORT Software
Terror TRAX: Track of the Vampire 1995 Grolier Electronic Publishing Grolier Electronic Publishing
Terror in Christmas Town 1995 Michael Zerbo Michael Zerbo
Tesserae 1993 Eurocom Entertainment Software GameTek
Test Drive 1987 Distinctive Software Accolade
Test Drive II 1989 Distinctive Software Accolade
Test Drive III: The Passion 1990 Accolade Accolade
Test Drive: Off-Road 1997 Motivetime Ltd. Accolade
Tetriller 1990 Elorginform, Variant
Tetripz 1998 Mute Fantasies Mute Fantasies
Tetris 1986 AcademySoft AcademySoft
Tetris 1987 Spectrum Holobyte Spectrum Holobyte
Tetris Classic 1992 Spectrum Holobyte Spectrum Holobyte
Tetris Gold 1993 Sphere, Inc. Spectrum Holobyte
TextTris 1992 Adrian B. Danieli Acumen Software
TFX 1993 Digital Image Design Ocean Software
Theatre of Death 1994 The Software Shed Psygnosis
Theatre of Pain 1997 Mirage Technologies Mirage Technologies
Theatre of War 1992 Artech Three-Sixty Pacific
Their Finest Hour: The Battle of Britain 1989 LucasFilm Games LucasFilm Games
Their Finest Missions - Volume One 1989 Lucasfilm Games LucasArts
Theme Hospital 1997 Bullfrog Productions Electronic Arts
Theme Park 1994 Bullfrog Productions Electronic Arts
Theme Park Mystery 1990 Joined Up Writing Software Image Works
Thexder 1987 Game Arts Sierra Entertainment
Thing, The
Thinking Games 2
Think Quick!
Third Courier, The
Third Reich 1996 Avalon Hill Avalon Hill
Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends Pinball 1995 Spidersoft Limited Alternative Software Ltd.
Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends 1993 Software Creations (UK) THQ
Thor's Hammer
Thor Trilogy, The 1989 Scenario Software Apogee Software
Threat 1995 Fragment The Game Factory
Three Sisters' Story 1996 Sakura Soft JAST USA
The Three Stooges 1987 Incredible Technologies Cinemaware
ThunderBlade 1989 SEGA U.S. Gold
Thunderchopper 1989 subLOGIC subLOGIC
Thunderhawk AH-73M 1992 Core Design Core Design
Thunder in Paradise Interactive
Thunderstrike 1990 Millennium Interactive Millennium Interactive
Thunderstrike 2 1995 Core Design Core Design
Tie Break
Tiles of the Dragon 1991 Softdisk Softdisk
Time and Magik 1988 Level 9 Mandarin Software
Time Bandit 1988 MicroDeal MichTron Corp.
Time Commando 1996 Adeline Software Electronic Arts, Activision
Time Gate: Knight's Chase 1996 Infogrames Infogrames, Interplay Entertainment
Time Paradox
Timequest 1991 Legend Entertainment Legend Entertainment
Time Riders in American History
Times of Lore 1988 Origin Systems Origin Systems
Timeslaughter 1996 Bloodlust Software Bloodlust Software
Timothy Leary's Mind Mirror 1986 Futique Electronic Arts
Tintin in Tibet 1996 Infogrames Infogrames
Tintin on the Moon 1989 Probe Entertainment Infogrames
Tip Off 1992 Anco Software Anco Software
Titan 1988 Titus Software Titus Software
Titanic 1991 Topo Soft Topo Soft
Titus the Fox 1992 Titus Interactive Titus Interactive
T.K.O. 1989 Accolade Accolade
T-Mek 1996 Bits Studios GT Interactive Software
Tomahawk 1987 Digital Integration Datasoft
Tomb Raider 1996 Core Design Eidos Interactive
Tomb Raider Gold 1998 Core Design Eidos Interactive
Tomb, The 1992 Nexus Software Nexus Software
Tom & Jerry 1993 Albino Frog Software Hi-Tech Expressions
Tom & Jerry Cat-astrophe 1990 Hi-Tech Expressions Hi-Tech Expressions
Tommy's Wheel of Misfortune 1987 Tommy's Toys Microsoft Corporation
Tongue of the Fatman
Tony La Russa Baseball 2 1993 Stormfront Studios Strategic Simulations
Tony La Russa Baseball 3 1995 Stormfront Studios Maxis
Tony La Russa's Ultimate Baseball 1991 Stormfront Studios Strategic Simulations
Tony La Russa's Ultimate Baseball: Ultimate Expansion Disk 1991 Stormfront Studios Strategic Simulations
Toobin' 1989 Tengen Domark
Toonstruck 1996 Burst Studios Virgin Interactive
Top Gun 1987 Ocean Software Thunder Mountain (company)
Top Gun: Danger Zone 1991 Distinctive Software Konami
Top Gun: Fire At Will 1996 Spectrum Holobyte MicroProse
Toppler 1990 Locis Locis
Torin's Passage 1995 Sierra On-Line Sierra On-Line
Tornado 1993 Digital Integration Spectrum Holobyte
Tornado: Operation Desert Storm 1994 Digital Integration Trimark Interactive
Total Control Football
Total Eclipse 1988 Major Developments Domark
Total Heaven
Total Meltdown
Total Sports
Touchdown Football 1984 Imagic IBM
Touché: The Adventures of the Fifth Musketeer 1995 Clipper Software CentreGold, U.S. Gold
Tough Guy
Toushin Toshi
Tower Toppler 1988 Hewson Consultants U.S. Gold
Town With No Name
Toyota Celica GT Rally
Toy Shop, The 1986 Brøderbund Brøderbund
Tracer Sanction, The 1984 Interplay Productions Activision
Track Attack
Tracon II 1992 Wesson International Wesson International
Traders: The Intergalactic Trading Game
Trade Wars 2002 1990 Epic Interactive Strategy, Martech Software Epic Interactive Strategy, Martech Software
Traffic Department 2192 1994 P-Squared Productions Safari Software, Epic MegaGames
The Train: Escape to Normandy 1988 Artech Accolade
Transarctica 1993 Silmarils Silmarils
Transport Tycoon 1994 MicroProse MicroProse
Transport Tycoon Deluxe 1996 MicroProse MicroProse
Transylvania 1985 Penguin Software Penguin Software
Transylvania III: Vanquish the Night 1990 Merit Studios, Polarware Merit Studios, Polarware
TRAZ 1989 Cascade Cascade
Treasure Cove! 1992 The Learning Company The Learning Company
Treasure Hunt
Treasure MathStorm! 1992 The Learning Company The Learning Company
Treasure Mountain! 1994 The Learning Company The Learning Company
Treasure of the Ruins
Treasures of the Savage Frontier 1992 Stormfront Studios Strategic Simulations
Treehouse, The 1991 Brøderbund Brøderbund
Trek Trivia 1988 Apogee Software Apogee Software
Trial by Magic
Trick or Treat
Trilogy 1987 Mastertronic Mastertronic
Trinity 1986 Infocom Infocom
Triplane Turmoil 1996 Dodekaedron Software Dodekaedron Software
Triple Action Volume 5
Triple Conflict
Triple Play 97
Triple Tris Challenge
Triple Value Pack
Trivial Pursuit
Trivia 101 1984 Digital Learning Systems IBM
Trivia Whiz 1988 Micro F/X Software Apogee Software
Troddlers 1993 Atod The Sales Curve, Seika
Trog! 1990 Software Creations Acclaim Entertainment
Troggle Trouble Math
Trojan 1986 Pacific Dataworks International Capcom
Troll's Tale 1984 Sierra On-Line Sierra On-Line
Trophy Case, The
Tubular Worlds 1994 Dongleware Verlags GmbH Creative Game Design
Tunnel B1 1996 NEON Software Ocean Software
TunnelMan, The 1994 Chun-Cheung Yim Chun-Cheung Yim
Tunnels of Armageddon
Tunnels & Trolls: Crusaders of Khazan 1990 New World Computing New World Computing, Flying Buffalo, Fiery Dragon Publications
Turbo Outrun 1990 Sega Sega
Turoid 1995 Jason Truong
Turrican II: The Final Fight 1995 Sun-Project Rainbow Arts
TV and Cinema 101: Trivia from Talkies to Trekkies 1984 Digital Learning Systems IBM
TV Sports: Basketball 1990 Cinemaware Mirrorsoft
TV Sports: Boxing
TV Sports: Football
Twenty Wargame Classics
Twilight: 2000
Twilight Treasures
Twilight Zone, The
Twinsen's Odyssey 1997 Adeline Software Ubisoft
Twisted Mini Golf
Typhoon of Steel 1991 Strategic Simulations Strategic Simulations
Tyrian 1995 Eclipse Software Epic MegaGames
Tyrian 2000 1999 Eclipse Software Epic MegaGames
T-Zero 1991 Dennis Cunningham