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The following index is provided as an overview of and topical guide to underwater diving:

Two divers wearing lightweight demand helmets stand back-to-back on an underwater platform holding on to the railings. The photo also shows the support vessel above the surface in the background.
Surface-supplied divers riding a stage to the underwater workplace

Underwater diving can be described as all of the following:

  • A human activity – intentional, purposive, conscious and subjectively meaningful sequence of actions. Underwater diving is practiced as part of an occupation, or for recreation, where the practitioner submerges below the surface of the water or other liquid for a period which may range between seconds to order of a day at a time, either exposed to the ambient pressure or isolated by a pressure resistant suit, to interact with the underwater environment for pleasure, competitive sport, or as a means to reach a work site for profit or in the pursuit of knowledge, and may use no equipment at all, or a wide range of equipment which may include breathing apparatus, environmental protective clothing, aids to vision, communication, propulsion, maneuverability, buoyancy and safety equipment, and tools for the task at hand.

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  • Gas blending – Producing special gas mixtures to specification
  • Gas blending for scuba diving – Mixing and filling cylinders with breathing gases for use when scuba diving
  • Gas exchange – Process by which gases diffuse through a biological membrane
  • Gay-Lussac's law – Relationship between pressure and temperature of a gas at constant volume
  • Global Underwater Explorers (GUE) – Recreational/technical scuba training and certification agency
  • Goldfinder – Autobiography of British diver and treasure hunter Keith Jessop
  • Gradient factor in decompression modelling – A way for users to adjust the conservatism of a decompression algorithm in software
  • Green Fins – Organisation in South East Asia for preservation of coral reefs by improving diver behavior
  • GRUMEC, also known as Brazilian commando frogmen – Brazilian Navy special forces diving unit
  • Gyrojet – Firearm that fires small rocket projectiles




  • Job safety analysis (JSA) – Procedure to integrate safety practices into a particular task
  • Johnson Sea Link accident – Manned submersible incident in which two divers died
  • Jonline – A short line used by scuba divers to clip themselves to something






  • Occupational diving, also known as Professional diving – Underwater diving where divers are paid for their work
  • Occupational safety and health, also known as Occupational health and safety – Field concerned with the safety, health and welfare of people at work
  • Ocean current – Directional mass flow of oceanic water generated by external or internal forces
  • Open Water Diver – Entry-level autonomous diver certification for recreational scuba diving
  • Open-water diving – Diving in unrestricted water when the diver has unrestricted vertical access to the surface
  • Operation Algeciras – Argentine plan to sabotage a British warship in Gibraltar
  • Operation Thunderhead – American amphibious mission during the Vietnam War
  • Operations manual – Authoritative document of how things should be done in an organisation
  • Oxygen compatibility – Usability in high-oxygen environments
  • Oxygen therapy – Use of oxygen as a medical treatment
  • Oxygen toxicity – Toxic effects of breathing oxygen at high concentrations
  • Oxygen window in diving decompression – Physiological effect of oxygen metabolism on the total dissolved gas concentration in venous blood









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