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Index to Scientific and Technical Proceedings
Producer Thomson Reuters
History 1978 – present
Languages English
Providers DMDI
Cost Subscription
Disciplines Natural Sciences/Biosciences, Technology
Record depth Index & Abstract
Format coverage journal articles, conference proceedings, technical reports, books
Temporal coverage 1978–2010
Geospatial coverage Global
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  • [ISTPB + ISTP/ISSHP Title list]

The Index to Scientific & Technical Proceedings (ISTP) is a scholarly literature database, established in 1978. It has indexed material pertaining to international conference proceedings titles, locations, and dates. In addition, indexing terms, references, and abstracts contained within the database are searchable items. It appears[clarification needed] that ISTP is combined with an index entitled Index to Social Sciences & Humanities Proceedings (ISSHP).[1]


The subject coverage is life sciences, natural sciences, and applied sciences in the ISTP, ISSHP, and ISTPB databases. Social sciences, beginning in 1998, are found only in the ISTP and ISSHP databases. The sources are listed as conference proceedings, published in: journals, books, and book series. The above databases are listed within superbases known as: XBIOTECH, XMEDALL, XMEDPROD, XPHARMALL, XPSYCH, XTOXLITALL, XVET.[1]

As of December 2008, there are 7,558,203 database records in the combined databases of ISTPB, ISTP, and ISSHP. These are updated weekly.[1][2]

Searchable data fields are abstracts, book title (only as far back as 1998), conferences, document type, index terms, section headings, series, title, and uncontrolled[clarification needed] term.[1]


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