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The Indexed Database API, or IndexedDB (formerly WebSimpleDB), is a recommended[1] web browser standard interface for a local database of records holding simple values and hierarchical objects. IndexedDB was initially proposed by Oracle in 2009.[2]

IndexedDB could be used for browser implemented functions, such as bookmarks, as well as web applications, such as email. An open-source reference implementation of the Indexed Database API exists for testing and experimentation purposes.[3]

Preliminary support for IndexedDB is included by Firefox (since version 4[4]), Google Chrome (since version 11[5]), and by Internet Explorer 10 Consumer Preview and Metro style apps.[6] Apple announced forthcoming support in Safari 8 for both iOS 8 and Mac OS X at their WWDC 2014 Keynote on June 2, 2014.[7]

Safari, Chrome 4, and Opera support[8] an alternate mechanism for client-side database storage called Web SQL Database.[9] On November 18, 2010, the W3C announced that the Web SQL database specification has reached an impasse and is no longer being actively worked on.[10] Firefox developers have publicly stated that the lack of WebSQL Database support in Firefox is on purpose, as they believe it is a problematic standard which requires an alternative (hence IndexedDB).[11]

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