India–Paraguay relations

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India-Paraguay relations
Map indicating locations of India and Paraguay



The bilateral relations between the Republic of India and the Paraguay have been traditionally strong due to strong commercial, cultural and strategic cooperation. India is represented in Paraguay through its embassy in Buenos Aires in Argentina. India also has an Honorary Consul General in Asuncion. Paraguay opened its embassy in India in 2005.[1]

Bilateral Agreements[edit]

There is an agreement between India and Paraguay on exemption of Visa for holders of Diplomatic and Official passports since 1996.

Bilateral Trade[edit]

In 2010, Indian exports where worth $65 million while imports were worth $72 million.

Indian exports to Paraguay[edit]

According to the Government of India, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, tractors, two wheelers, Mahindra vehicles and textiles were exported to Paraguay.

Indian diaspora in Paraguay[edit]

The Government of India states,"About 100 Indians live in Ciudad del Este, a city on the border with Brazil. These Indians are in trading, wholesale and retail business. Most of them are of Gujarati and Sindhi origin. The Embassy organized a mini Festival of India in November 2010 with Indian dance programmes in Asuncion and Ciudad del Este and food and film Festival in Asuncion.<> August 2011


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