India-Bangladesh Border Haat

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Tarapur- kamalasagar border haat, Kasba, Brahmanbaria.

India-Bangladesh Border Haat is a border trade market between Bangladesh and India. It is a market place organised by the two countries one day each week. It is not only a market for buying daily commodities but also a reunion spot for families living on both sides.[1][2][3][4][5][6][excessive citations] Currently, four border haats are operational along the India-Bangladesh border. Two border haats are located in Meghalaya at Kalaichar and Balat and two are located in Tripura at Srinagar and Kamalasagar.

The trade at border haats is permitted to be carried out in Indian Rupees/Bangladesh Taka and on a barter basis, and data of such trade is maintained by the Haat Management Committee of the respective border haat. As per data furnished by the concerned State Governments, cash trade equivalent to Indian Rupees 1686.62 lakhs was carried out at the said four border haats in the five-year period ending 2015-16.

There are no border haats in operation along the Bhutan and Myanmar borders.

In addition to the four functional haats, the government of India and the government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh have approved six more border haats: two in Tripura at Palbasti and Kamalpur and four in Meghalaya at Bholaganj, Nalikata, Shibbari and Ryngku.[when?]

The government of India has also executed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the government of the Republic of Union of Myanmar on the establishment of border haats along their border.

The border haats aim at promoting the wellbeing of the people dwelling in remote areas across the borders of two countries by establishing a traditional system of marketing the local produce through local markets.


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