India–Jamaica relations

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India–Jamaica relations
Map indicating locations of India and Jamaica



Jamaica–India relations refers to the bilateral ties between India and Jamaica. India and Jamaica have traditionally enjoyed cordial and friendly relations as a result of cultural and political connections inherited from British colonisation, such as membership in the Commonwealth of Nations, parliamentary democracy, the English language and cricket.[1][2]

Both nations are members of the Non-Aligned Movement, and Jamaica supports India's candidacy for permanent membership on a reformed UN Security Council.

Diplomatic missions[edit]

India has a High Commission in Kingston,[3] whilst Jamaica has a consulate in New Delhi [4] and plans to open a High Commission soon.


According to the Ministry of Commerce of the Government of India, total trade between India and Jamaica was worth just US$23 million in 2009-10, with India accounting for nearly all of the exports to Jamaica.[2]

Indians in Jamaica[edit]

An estimated 50,000 - 61,500 Indians, or people of Indian origin reside in Jamaica, constituting nearly 3% of the population. This includes the slave labourers brought to Jamaica in the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries.[5]


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