IndiaFirst Life Insurance Company

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India India
Headquarters Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Key people
(MD & CEO)
Products Individual and Group Insurance Plans
Services Life Insurance
Health Insurance
Financial Planning
Savings and Investments
Retirement Planning
Owner Bank of Baroda (44%)
Andhra Bank (30%)
Legal & General (26%)
Website IndiaFirst Life Insurance Co. Ltd.

IndiaFirst Life Insurance Company is a life insurance company in India. It is a joint venture between two of India's public sector banks – Bank of Baroda (44%) and Andhra Bank (30%), and UK's financial and investment company Legal & General(26%).[1] . It was incorporated in November, 2009. It has its headquarters in Mumbai.[1] IndiaFirst Life made more than Rs. 2 billion in turnover in just four and half months since the insurance company became operational.[2][3][4] IndiaFirst Life insurance company is headquartered in Mumbai. The company is headed by the MD & CEO Ms.R.M.Vishakha.


IndiaFirst Life Insurance sells insurance plans, including life insurance, investment funds, and group policies. The company's product range covers protection (term insurance), savings, education and retirement. It has a range of group insurance products in forms of credit, life, term and employee liability While income, expense, investments and liabilities form the four pillars of any financial plan, its success actually depends on the ability to manage these well. This is where Life Insurance forms a critical part of any financial plan. Life insurance is a long term product that provides you the benefit of compounding while ensuring that your loved ones are taken care off. Remember, more than the amount saved it is the rhythm of savings that helps you realize your dreams faster. Life Insurance in a way, forces you into a steady habit of savings. It also helps you and your family meet unexpected financial liabilities due to lifetime events.(gratuity and leave encashment) plans as well. They have recently introduced a range of health, pension and wealth accumul

Business model[edit]

IndiaFirst Life Insurance follows the "Bancassurance" (Bank Insurance Model) using the existing customer base of the promoter banks.[5] It has over 4800 promoter bank branches, in 1000 cities and towns in India. As of December, 2011 the company has 1600 plus employees.[6]


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