India General Service Medal (1936)

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India General Service Medal
India General Service Medal 1936 obv.jpgIndia General Service Medal 1936 rev.jpg

India General Service Medal 1936 BAR.svg
Obverse (top left) and reverse (top right) of the medal. Ribbon: 32mm, grey flanked by narrow red stripes, with broad green stripes at the edges.
Awarded by United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Type Campaign medal
Eligibility British and Indian forces.
Awarded for Campaign service.
Campaign(s) India 1936–39.
Description Silver disk, 36mm diameter.
  • North West Frontier 1936–37
  • North West Frontier 1937–39
Established 1938
Example of medal with North West Frontier 1936–37 clasp.

The Indian General Service Medal (1936 IGSM) was a campaign medal approved on 3 August 1938, for issue to officers and men of the British and Indian armies, and of the Royal Air Force.[1]

The 1936 IGSM was awarded for minor military campaigns on the North-West Frontier of India between 1936 to 1939. Each campaign covered by the medal was represented by a clasp on the ribbon; two were sanctioned,[2] both relating to operations in Waziristan.

Recipients of a Mention in Despatches were entitled to wear an oak leaf emblem on the ribbon.[1]

The medal was struck at both the Calcutta and London mints, for Indian and British forces respectively.[3] The claw mount attaching the medal disc to the suspension differs between the two, the Calcutta Mint version being of a plain curved style, while London made medals are of a more elaborate raised scroll type.[1]

Following the grant of Indian Independence in 1947, the medal became obsolete.


  • North West Frontier 1936–37
  • North West Frontier 1937–39


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