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India Inc. is a common term used by the Indian media to refer to the formal (comprising government and corporate) sector of the nation. It employed 7 percent of the workforce in 2000[1] and contributed 60 per cent of the nominal GDP of the nation. The informal sector consists of 44 million non-farm enterprises as per recent labour survey. The Companies Act 2013 allows a variety of formations in the mixed economy of India. The Ministry of Company Affairs estimates that as of 31 October 2005, there were

Category Non-government Government Total
Private companies limited by shares 628,957 612 629,569
Public companies limited by shares 78,473 724 79,197
Companies limited by guarantee 3,530 7 3,537
Companies with unlimited liability 497

There were 821,212 companies by the end of 2009. Almost one-fifth of these companies were headquartered in Maharashtra, another one-fifth in Delhi, one-fifth in West Bengal and one-eighth in Andhra Pradesh.

According to MCA Annual report 2012-13 as on 31.12.2012, a total of 12,89,229 companies were on the Register (consisting of 11,67,226 private limited companies and 1,22,003 public limited companies). Out of the above, 8,72,957 companies were at work, comprising 8,06,666 private limited and 66,291 public limited companies. A majority of the companies at work (about 80%) were operating in activities covered under four broad heads, namely, ‘Financing, Insurance, Real Estate and Renting, Business Services’(31.57%), ‘Manufacturing’ (22.31%), ‘Wholesale and Retail Trade, Restaurants and Hotels’ (15.85%), and ‘Construction’ (10.74%) sectors.

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