India at the 2002 Commonwealth Games

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India at the
2002 Commonwealth Games
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CGAIndian Olympic Association
in Manchester, England
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Ranked 4th
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Commonwealth Games

India participated in the 2002 Commonwealth Games in Manchester. Notable among the players was the Indian women's hockey team. The team entered the finals after defeating the Australian women's national field hockey team.[1] They went on to receive the Gold after winning the final game against the English women's hockey team.[2][3][4] This win also marked a comeback for Mir Ranjan Negi who coached the team. Negi's involvement and the Gold inspired the successful 2007 Shahrukh Khan film about women's field hockey, Chak De India. [5][6]


India came fourth overall in the medals table, behind Australia, England and Canada, repeating the feat at the 2006 Commonwealth Games. India was also the host nation for the 2010 Commonwealth Games, which was held at Delhi, India's Capital.

 Gold  Silver  Bronze Total
Flag of India.svg India 30 22 17 69

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