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Indian or Indians may refer to:

  • Something or someone of, from, or associated with the nation of India


South Asia[edit]

  • Indian people, people of Indian nationality, or people who have an Indian ancestor
  • South Asian ethnic groups, referring to people of the Indian subcontinent, as well as the greater South Asia region prior to the 1947 partition of India
  • Anglo-Indians, people with mixed Indian and British ancestry, or people of British descent born or living in the Indian subcontinent
  • Bombay East Indians, a Christian community in India


The Americas[edit]




Arts, entertainment, and media[edit]



Other arts, entertainment, and media[edit]



  • Akwesasne Indians, a Mohawk lacrosse team
  • Calcutta Indians, pre independent football team of India that briefly played against international clubs and teams.
  • Cleveland Indians, former name of the Cleveland Guardians, an American professional baseball team based in Cleveland, Ohio, US
  • Frölunda HC or Frölunda Indians, a Swedish professional ice hockey club based in Gothenburg, Sweden
  • Hannover Indians, a German ice hockey club based in Hannover, Germany
  • Indian Arrows, the developmental football team of All India Football Federation
  • Indianapolis Indians, an American minor league baseball team based in Indianapolis, Indiana, US
  • Indios de Mayagüez, a baseball team in the Puerto Rican Professional Baseball League
  • Mumbai Indians, a franchise cricket team representing the city of Mumbai, India in the Indian Premier League
  • Springfield Indians, an American minor professional ice hockey franchise, originally based in West Springfield, Massachusetts, US

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