Indian Economic Service

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Indian Economic Service
Logo of the Indian Economic Service.jpg
Service Overview
Abbreviation I.E.S.
Formed 1961
Country  India
Civil Service academy Institute of Economic Growth, Delhi
Controlling authority Department of Economic Affairs (Economic Division), Ministry of Finance
Legal personality Governmental: Government service
General nature Economic Analysis
Cadre Size 477 (2015)[1]
Service Chief
A S Nikhade
Head of the Civil Services
Cabinet Secretary Pradeep Kumar Sinha

The Indian Economic Service (Hindi: भारतीय आर्थिक सेवा) (abbreviated as IES) is the administrative inter-ministerial[2] civil service under Group A[3] of the Central Civil Services of the executive branch of the Government of India.


The Indian Economic Service was introduced by Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru[2] for formulating and implementing economic policies and programmes in India. The initial steps towards formation of service can be traced to 1952.[2] A Committee under V. T. Krishnamachari submitted a report in September 1953, recommending the formation of a service to be known as the Statistical and Economic Advisory Service.[2] On the contrary, Prasanta Mahalanobis did not favour the idea of a combined Statistical and Economic Advisory Service.[2]

The Cabinet in its meeting held on 12 February 1958 decided that two separate services should be formed; a Statistical Service and other an Economic Service.[2] The Indian Economic Service was constituted on 1 November 1961 and the Service Rules were notified on the same date. The actual operationalization of service took place in 1964.[2]

Notable members[edit]


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