Indian Harbour, Nova Scotia

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For the bay on Nova Scotia's east coast and the town on this bay formerly named Indian Harbour, see Port Hilford, Nova Scotia.
Indian Harbour, Nova Scotia is located in Nova Scotia
Indian Harbour, Nova Scotia
Indian Harbour in Nova Scotia
Indian Harbour

Indian Harbour is a small fishing community of the Halifax Regional Municipality in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia on the Chebucto Peninsula. It is located between the communities of Peggy's Cove and Hackett's Cove.


Indian Harbour was founded in the early 18th century.[citation needed] The first recorded person to live in Indian Harbour was John Ormsby in 1784.[citation needed] The first and the oldest house in Indian Harbour is still standing today at the age of over 250 years.[citation needed]

Indian Harbour is located next to the popular tourist destination Peggy's Cove and its famous lighthouse. There is also a lighthouse in Indian Harbour, located at the end of Paddy's Head Peninsula. The lighthouse was built in 1901 and manned until 1945, when power was introduced to the area.[1]

Indian Harbour's roads were dirt and had to be up kept by the locals until 1955 when Route 333 was widened and paved.[citation needed]

In recent years one of Canada's biggest air disasters took place over the Atlantic Ocean near St. Margarets Bay. On September 2, 1998, Swissair Flight 111 crashed just off the coast; all 229 people on board died. Today when people come to visit Indian Harbour or Peggy's Cove they pass the Swissair Flight 111 Memorial.

Nova Scotian singer Anne Murray used to own a beach in Indian Harbour, on the Paddy's Head Peninsula, and used to let the public use the beach, but she sold it in 1999.[citation needed]


Indian Harbour has had three schools in its history. The first school was built in 1878 and is said to have burnt down; it was located on the Government Wharf Road, 50 yards from the Baptist church.[citation needed] In 1891 the second school was built where East St. Margaret's Elementary currently stands.[citation needed] This school served the communities of Hackett's Cove, Indian Harbour and Peggy's Cove. On November 18, 1958, East St Margaret's Elementary School opened its doors. The school served grades primary to twelve; in 1966 the grades were reduced to primary to eight; when Tantallon Junior High opened in 1972, the grades were reduced to primary to six. Today East St. Margaret's is still serving Indian Harbour. The school has room for 198 students but only had 55 students for the 2009-2010 school year.[citation needed]


Currently there are no buses running from Halifax to Indian Harbour; the closest bus route is in Tantallon where the "Metro X" buses run several times a day.[citation needed]


Indian Harbour gets all of the local television from Halifax. The following television stations air in St. Margarets Bay:

Local business[edit]

Local businesses include Rhubarb Restaurant, the King Neptune Campground, the Oceanstone Inn and Cottages,[2] and the Clifty Cove Motel.[3] Indian Harbour only has one store, the Whale's Back; locals call it "the store". The Whale's Back serves people from West Dover to Glen Haven and tourists in the summer; it has the same owners as the Sou' Wester Restaurant & Giftshop in Peggy's Cove.[citation needed]


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Coordinates: 44°31′35.1″N 63°56′23.8″W / 44.526417°N 63.939944°W / 44.526417; -63.939944