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The Indian History and Culture Society was founded in 1978, and operates from the premises of the Indian Archaeological Society in New Delhi. The society's journal History Today (not the same as Hinduism Today published in USA) has been appearing annually since 2000.

The Society encouraged by, and initially funded by, the Janata government of 1977-79 that included the Jan Sangh; and "attracted a variety of members, including some sympathetic to the RSS and others disaffected from the textbook "establishment." [1]

The group's first publication, the 1979 Problems of Indian Historiography (ed. Devahuti; review: M. N. Pearson, Journal of the American Oriental Society 1981) has the aim to "reorient Indian historiography". Pearson notes that "British historians and their Indian disciples are of course roundly condemned for ethnocentrism".

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