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Indian Institutes of Information Technology is located in India
Sri City(IIIT-SC)
Sri City
Naya Raipur(IIIT-NR)
Naya Raipur
Location of the 5 MHRD Funded IIITs (Green) and 6 PPP IIITs (Red).

Indian Institutes of Information Technology (IIITs) are a group of institutes of higher education in India, focused on information technology. They are established, funded and managed by the Ministry of Human Resource Development.[1] Indian Government is likely to approve the Indian Institute of Information Technology (IIIT) Bill that seeks to give IIITs administrative autonomy and uniformity and set up 20 more such schools on a public-private partnership (PPP) model. Admissions into undergraduate programmes in IIITs are through the Joint Entrance Examination JEE/GATE.

Joint Seat Allocation Authority 2015 (JoSAA 2015) conducted the joint admission process for a total of 18 IIITs.[2][3][4] The technical education system in the country can be broadly classified into two categories – Centrally funded by MHRD, institutions jointly funded by State Government & I.T industry.

List of IIITs[edit]

  • Set-up, Funded and Managed by Ministry of Human Resource Development.[5] The Centrally funded institution of technical and science education has 4 IIITs. The addition of new IIITs as Institutes of National Importance was proposed under the Indian Institutes of Information Technology Bill 2010. This bill, renamed as IIIT Bill 2014, was passed by the Parliament on December 1, 2014, thus granting the status of Institutes of National Importance upon the 4 IIITs:[6]
  • Set-up, Funded by state governments.
  • Setup on Public Private Partnership (PPP), funded by Central Government, State Governments and Industry Partners in the ratio 50:35:15. The following IIIT s started from or before 2015-2016 academic session.

Future IIIT s to be started either from 2016-2017 academic session or later

Proposed new Institutes[edit]

As per the Budget 2011, twenty more IIITs under the Public Private Partnership (PPP) model, are to be launched soon for every major state of India. Nasscom recently submitted a detailed project report to the Government of India on the establishment of new IIITs.

Each of the IIITs has been proposed to be set up as a fully autonomous institution, through the PPP model. The partners setting up IIITs will be the ministry of human resource development, the governments of respective states where each IIIT will be established and industry members. The report suggests that private organisations should play an equal or slightly greater role in bringing investment for the new IIITs. According to former director Chandresh Chauhan, IIITs are not to be confused with IITs because the two institutions offer completely different focuses.